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ALDI Grandessa Maple Syrup


grandessa maple syrup



Price researched on 23rd February 2013

The Verdict

A sweet, authentic maple syrup from Canada that does exactly what it says on the tin — for half the price of its competitors.

The Full Review

Maple syrup is a treat in our house, a sweet condiment reserved for pancakes, or french toast.

ALDI’s Grandessa is a quality product that comes from the sap of Canadian maple trees.

Grandessa is a medium grade maple syrup. If you think that means it’s of middling quality, wrong! It had medium translucence, which is just right for pouring over pancakes and bacon. Syrups of lighter translucence have a milder taste, while darker grades are best used for cooking and baking.

It also comes in a sturdy authentic Canadian glass maple syrup bottle, with its distinctive shape, which I personally prefer over plastic squeezable containers.

How ALDI’s Maple Syrup Stacks up Against Competitors

Genuine Canadian maple syrup can be hard to find in Ireland. A couple of years back, for Pancake Tuesday, we bought what we thought was maple syrup but turned out to be maple flavoured Golden Syrup (go figure), which wasn’t quite the same.]

Of the non ALDI maple syrups on offer, the one we had been buying was Jakeman’s Canadian maple syrup from  SuperValu, which is priced at around €6.50 or thereabouts.

Jakeman’s is also stocked in Superquinn, for a similar price.

Both Tesco and Marks and Spencer have have Canadian maple syrup products, I believe, though I have never tried them. I also believe that their prices are in the €6 to €7 ballpark.

Right away then, you can see why we like this ALDI Grandessa Maple Syrup. At half the price of its competitors, it is an excellent quality syrup.




Author: Michael Heraghty

Michael Heraghty is a user experience designer who lives in Dublin with his wife and three children. He like bargains!

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